Christopher Lepkowski

Interactive software developer and consultant specializing in custom experiences for entertainment and advertising.

Owner and director of Planimal Interactive, LLC.


Now: Interactive Installations and Immersive Environments

My company Planimal Interactive, LLC has been providing professional software consulting and development since 2011, but our focus for the last several years is building statement pieces for tradeshows and other public spaces, including major events such as the San Diego Comic-Con and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Owner and Director

Before that... Some Startup and Enterprise Consulting

I took on consulting positions with companies developing both consumer-facing and B2B enterprise products and apps. Longer-term projects and dedicated teams combined with needs of product and market positioning made for a new and interesting mix compared to my previous work in advertising.


Senior Leadership Roles

Based on my broad experience (see Agency Circuit below), I was hired into technical leadership positions at companies building interactives for entertainment and children-focused brands including more work for my old employer, the Walt Disney Company, as well as PBS Kids, Veggie Tales, Penguin Books, and Random House. I oversaw the architecture, development, and launch of complex projects and websites, on-schedule and on-budget, and helped to quote projects and draft winning, client-facing proposals.

Senior/Lead Developer, Technical Director

Also Started a Book Company

A passion for literature led to my co-founding of indie book publisher Narrow Books. We printed art books and anthologies, including work from National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize-winners.


And Wrote Professionally

I took additional studies in advertising and copywriting through the ArtCenter College of Design, scripted curriculum-based educational videos for the ICanLearn system recognized by the US Department of Education, and contributed to a book from educational publisher Houghton Mifflin. I also published a number of stories, wrote multiple commissioned screenplays and treatments, and reached the quarterfinals in Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope screenplay competition.


Freelance on the Agency Circuit

After Disney, I chose to strike out on my own as a freelancer, working for various digital agencies around the LA area. Client work included projects for well known brands like Honda, Lionsgate Films, eBay, AOL/Time Warner, Kaiser Permanente, Kia, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, MTV, Mattel, Nissan, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and ABC Television.

Freelancer, Consultant

My First Digital Agency and the Walt Disney Co.

I moved to LA, into a job at a digital agency where I created sites, games, and web apps for entertainment properties. After doing a number of interactive projects for Walt Disney/Buena Vista, I began freelancing for them directly, and eventually joined the Walt Disney Internet Group to work on Disney’s Magic English, a curriculum-based English language learning software suite for non-English speakers.


A CS Degree and the Video Game Industry

After a dual Computer Science/English Literature major at Washington University in St. Louis—where I coded logic for an award-winning, self-driving toy car and worked on alterations to XCOSM, a 3D data imaging system—I headed to California and took an intern/junior developer position at a video game company in Irvine.

Student, Intern


Highlights and Case Studies (Forthcoming)

Custom Interactive Objects via Bluetooth

An informal writeup and several demonstrations of how going wireless with Bluetooth can provide new options for building unique experiences and in-person user engagements.


Over the past 3 years, my high-performance native C++ REX ™ framework has driven interactives at dozens of events and shows across the US and Europe.

Romulus ™

The Romulus ™ editor/CMS is a web-based, WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") editing system—built on a NodeJS/React/Redux stack—that allows for authoring content and updating my REX C++ interactives.

Power Rangers Games

I built these high performance mobile video games ( a duel and a horizontal shmup) in the Haxe language. The cross-platform HTML5 games run great on both mobile devices and desktops.

Veggie Tales

I oversaw the architecture, development, and on-schedule, on-budget launch of the website—featuring interactive, animated characters, and 100+ destination pages of content.

Recipe Bookmarking & Curation App

Functional alpha of web services and app, prototype built to be fast and lightweight to support scalable product launch. Cross-platform web app also featured in-kitchen text-to-speech tools.

Auto-animated Characters

By reading directly from the byte stream of loaded sound files, we were able to automate animation and save hundreds of hours in production costs on two major brands' sites: Veggie Tales and PBS Kids' WordGirl.

Super 8 iTunes

In coordination with another interactive group, we completed a game delivered inside of iTunes to support the iTunes Extras release of the J.J. Abrams/Steven Spielberg film, Super 8, using Apple’s TuneKit JavaScript framework and an optimized approach to gameplay and animation with HTML5 and CSS3.